EDITORIAL: Let Colorado help guide the nation toward a popular vote for president

The time to consider changing how the nation elects a president has never been better because of Donald Trump — but not for the reasons most people would think.

This year, Colorado and several other states are considering a strategic change in how to reshape the country’s arcane electoral college system, effectively electing U.S. presidents by popular vote.

Colorado should definitely sign on to this significant improvement to presidential politics now for a long list of reasons, President Donald Trump being among them.

Trump makes the timing of considering this change important, not because he lost the popular vote in 2016, and not because he is arguably an inept and unqualified president. The timing is ideal for Colorado and other states to consider the National Popular Vote Bill because Trump has drawn attention to the office of the president like no other has for generations.

This keen interest in the role of a U.S. president — from Trump detractors and supporters alike — makes this a perfect time for voters to pay attention to one the most misunderstood parts of the U.S. government and history.