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Can you imagine a world in which George Bush and Donald Trump lost?  What a different world it would be.  Hillary Clinton and Al Gore received the most votes, but lost because of the outdated Electoral College.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix this. 15 states have approved legislation to create a national popular vote —  as few as four states  — are necessary to make a national popular vote a reality.  (Already approved by: CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, HI, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NM, NY, OR, RI, VT, WA) 

The current system of the Electoral College gives voters in a handful of states greater influence in the Presidential election than others.

Our efforts are supported by Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.  Our organization — 15 years ago —  was the first non-profit dedicated to electoral college reform registered .  The movement is growing every day. The Daily Kos has collected 2,217,000 signatures in support of a national popular vote.

Not everyone wants to move to a national popular vote. As we know, some people benefit from not letting voters’ vote count.  Each legislature is a battle.

We are conducting email and social media campaigns in keys states such as Nevada and Arizona.  The idea is to do public education with the legislator’s constituents, rather than blow up the legislative email box, which they don’t pay attention to anyway. So your help will allow us to be active in more districts.   This approach is very effective.

That’s why your donation is so helpful.

We also need boots on the ground and grassroots media in the air.   We’re very close and the stakes could not be higher.   Because if we do not do something, it will happen again and again.

$10 can go a long way.  Please help us make a direct vote a reality.

The danger is the a losing candidate, like Bush or Trump, will be President.  It could happen again this election!

You can stop this!

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