About Us

How we elect people is the very foundation of our political institutions. These institutions over the last few decades have increasingly become shaken and in decline. Reforming the Electoral College in which the President of the United states is determined by electors not voters is more important than ever. A lot has changed since this system was created over 200 years ago. We must change the way we elect our President to meet these challenges. A popular vote whereby all votes are counted equally will help firm up our institutions as our government will be rooted in the broader base of all Americans.

The People’s Choice for President was founded 14 years ago.   It is the longest standing organization working for a National Popular Vote.  Since then, 15 states have approved legislation for a national popular vote and constitutional amendment is moving through the Senate.   Our focus has been on the grass roots — both in terms of organizers and email campaigns.

We are not going to get reform unless “the People” are engaged. The People must speak.   Please join us either by contributing or signing our petition.

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